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Worthy Network’s online communities were founded in 1999. With nearly 100,000 users on its Christian Forums and Christian Chat rooms, it remains one of the largest internet communities on the web.

Worthy Christian Forums is not just a Christian message board. It is a ministry rooted in the Great Commission to reach the world. Worthy Christian Forums also serves as a ministry of edification to the body of Christ as a place to gather for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer, as well lively, relevant discussions of various topics ranging from doctrine and Bible prophecy to science and current events, sports, sharing a favorite recipe or talking about hobbies and special interests.

Worthy Christian Chat was started in 1999, and continues to thrive as an online meeting center for Christians around the world.

Worthy Prayer Team was started in 2005, and people from around the globe, pray and intercede for others. You may feel free to submit your prayer requests.

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